NEW workshop! Bookkeeping for Shutterbugs

Saturday, January 5, 2012 - bookkeeping for shutterbugs

Start time: 10am
Finish time: 5pm

Shoebox accounting is for hacks!  The Business End of Things covers the broader aspects of business management, but bookkeeping for shutterbugs is a walk through, hands-on experience with free or cheap accounting programs, apps, and peripherals that will help you keep your books in order.  We will also cover how and why it's important to do bank reconciliations, how to track and calculate GST remittances, and how to read common business reports (income statement, general ledger, etc.)  Your accountant will love you!

This workshop is NOT limited to previous workshop participants. Up to 10 persons can be accommodated - please bring your wifi enabled laptop and/or your smartphone. Registration and payment deadline for this workshop is December 15, 2012. Cost for workshop is $150 ($125 for previous series participants.)  Sign up for the event by emailing h [dot] walls [at] shaw [dot] ca or join the Facebook event here for more details!