Week 15 DLS exercise: reflecting

Simple, quick, and easy: find several reflective surfaces and take a self-portrait - could be a mirror, a kitchen appliance, your shadow, or even a mud puddle. Be creative, have fun, and post your favourite(s) on your blog or email them to me! They form a part of next week's exercise, so be sure and get these ones done BEFORE Monday!!!

Week 14 DLS exercises: time to play with dollies!

So, we kind of missed out on playing with Barbies as we had so many wonderful models, but the project is still the same.

As threatened, here is the Barbie exercise (though you can of course use whatever you like - Potatoes, popsicle stick figures, marshmallow people, marionettes, stuffed animals, etc... no one has ever fulfilled my dream of using apple head dolls - if you feel like humouring me, you should totally use apple head dolls.) Since it's close to Easter, I imagine you could find some chocolate bunnies or peeps or something to use... (Below is TOTALLY not my picture but I wish it was - picture is a link back to the source @ Irregular Bones - not sure where they got it from...)

This exercise is simple.

Your client is a family, and you need to get a set of pictures that includes but isn't limited to:

a) just Mom & Dad
b) the kids together
c) each kid individually
d) the entire family

The images should include some formal, some casual, and some candid shots. Pay attention to composition, weird background inclusions, patterns and all that other stuff we've chatted about. The only unbreakable rule is that your family MUST NOT be alive. Here is my now infamous Barbie set, though I'm feeling inspired and might want to try doing a new set using something else fun:

Get creative, be playful, and HAVE FUN! Aim for between 20 or 25 pictures in your set. ;)